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CPAP is (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is a type of non-invasive ventilation therapy. It is a medical device that delivers steady stream of air pressure to prevent obstruction of airway passage of patients suffering from respiratory issues during sleep. It provides only one level of pressure; Inhalation (IPAP).  CPAP therapy is used to treat sleep apnea, as well as other breathing disorders.

It helps to reduce symptoms of sleep apnea such as snoring, choking, and pauses in breathing. The machine delivers air under pressure through a mask that the patient wears over their nose or mouth. CPAP helps in oxygenation and reduce the workload on the heart. It lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack. It is a cost-effective treatment option as it does not require any invasive procedures.

Brands Available:

  • Philips
  • BMC
  • ResMed
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