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ICU setup at home is becoming an increasingly popular option for patients who require intensive care but do not want to be hospitalized. We understand the importance of providing quality care in the comfort of one’s own home. For that, F7 Healthcare has come up with “ICU” setup at home to reduce the cost of hospitalization. The setup includes a High-End Bed, Oxygen Infrastructure, Medical Ventilator, Bed Side Monitor, and other equipment which are available in hospital ICU.

An ICU setup at home involves the installation of equipment such as oxygen tanks, ventilators, and monitoring devices. This equipment is managed by a team of medical professionals, who are trained to handle critical care patients. The team will provide 24-hour monitoring and support to ensure that the patient’s condition is stable and that they receive the best possible care.


Equipment List:

  • – Bed/Cots
  • – Mattress
  • – Ventilators
  • – Bi-PAP & C-PAP
  • – Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Cylinder
  • – Suction Apparatus
  • – Patient Monitor
  • – Syringe & Infusion Pump
  • – Other Required Medical Equipment.

F7 Healthcare Private Limited provides all the necessary equipment and personnel for an ICU setup at home. This includes the installation of oxygen tanks, ventilators, and monitoring devices, as well as the provision of trained medical staff. The team will work closely with the patient’s doctor to ensure that the patient receives the best possible care.



  • ICU setup at home allows patients to recover in a familiar and comfortable environment. This can lead to faster recovery times and better outcomes.
  • Provides a sense of autonomy and independence to the patient, which can be an important factor in their psychological well-being.
  • Patients can avoid the risk of contracting an infection in a hospital setting.
  • Improves recovery time and better outcomes.
  • With our ICU setup at home service, patients can receive the medical attention they need while still maintaining their independence and autonomy.

Advantages of ICU Set-up at Home:

  • – Hospital acquired infection can be avoided through ICU Setup at Home.
  • – Quicker patient recovery at home.
  • – Comfort and convenience for patient and family.
  • – Personalized patient care with doctor’s supervision.
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