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Oxygen Cylinder For Rent or Sale

Oxygen Cylinders for Rent or Sale. Oxygen Cylinder is a container that stores oxygen under pressure. It is made of steel or aluminum. Oxygen is stored in the cylinder as a compressed gas and is released by opening a valve on the cylinder and regulating the flow through a flow meter. Oxygen cylinders widely used in a variety of settings, including hospitals, ambulances, and personal use.

It is supplied to patients suffering from breathing difficulties. Oxygen cylinders provide a steady and reliable source of oxygen for people with respiratory conditions. They are equipped with a pressure gauge to indicate the amount of oxygen remaining in the cylinder. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and refill. Oxygen tanks are not dependent on power or battery.  Only minimal maintenance is required.

Types of Oxygen Cylinders Available

We sell cylinders in different sizes for rent or sale

Oxygen cylinders

Types of Oxygen Cylinders

  • B-Type cylinder – B-Type cylinders are usually smaller in size with a capacity of about 10 litres. They are usually made of aluminium and are lightweight and easy to transport.

  • D-Type cylinder – D-type cylinders are usually larger in size cylinder with a capacity of about 46 litres. They are larger and heavier than B-type cylinders.

  • -We also offer a wide range of regulators and other accessories to fit our oxygen cylinder.
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