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Walker stand is a medical device that provides stability to patients who have difficulty walking or standing. It supports the individuals who are recovering from surgery or injury. It is also used by those who have a chronic condition that limits their mobility.

Walkers stands come in different types and features. It can be folded easily and is portable. It is available in two types; one is powder coated and other is made of aluminium. We offer walker stand for rent or sale at affordable price.

Brands Available:

  1. Karma
  2. Med-E-Mov
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F7 Healthcare Pvt Ltd. is a dedicated company that supplies equipment to patients, healthcare companies and manufacturing industries. We provide equipment for rent or sale at affordable price. We ensure that our customers receive the best supplies and services.  We regularly inspect and maintain the equipment to guarantee safety and dependability.We follow a strict protocol and quality guidelines when it comes to sanitization, sterilization, and purity of our products.

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